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AwanTunai Awarded Full Permanent FinTech Licensee by OJK Regulators

AwanTunai is honored to receive a full fintech lending license on 27 May 2020 and thankful for OJK’s leadership to ensure the Indonesian fintech industry achieves world’s best practice. The full license status allows AwanTunai to continue its work to bring affordable financial inclusion to Indonesia’s vast underbanked micro SMEs.

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AwanTunai is working with a range of supplier partners to digitize the Indonesian supply chain. We help wholesalers and agri offtakers digitize their operations, and provide their traditional grocery 'warungs' customers and micro farmer suppliers with affordable inventory purchase financing and integrated online ordering.

We believe collaboration with banks is key to delivering safe, affordable access to credit for Indonesia's micro SMEs. We are thankful to our current institutional partners, OCBC NISP, UOB Buana, JTrust Bank, Saison Indonesia, and others who have entrusted us with the opportunity to provide affordable credit into Indonesia’s critical sembako, basic necessities, and FMCG supply chain.

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Supply Chain SaaS and Transaction Based Financing

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