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AwanTempo is a financing program from AwanTunai, partnering with Suppliers to help SMEs, especially grocery store traders, to buy more types of goods and also give them discretion to pay longer.

Currently, there are dozens of suppliers who already joined this program and more than thousands of merchants are utilizing this program.

Benefits of AwanTempo for Supplier
Increased Income

AwanTempo program will increase the purchasing power of merchants, because they will be able to spend and shop more. This will also have a big impact in raising Supplier’s income.

Positive Cash flow

AwanTunai is here to help Suppliers mitigate their cash flow issues, which is one of the biggest concern in running a business. By joining AwanTempo Program, Supplier does not need to worry about the merchants who are often late in making payment due, because everything is guaranteed by AwanTunai.

Increasing quantity and range of products available in stores, increases foot traffic, resulting in more sales and higher income.

Positive Cash flow
Increased Income

The AwanTempo program provides comfort for micro merchants in managing their finance by giving a longer payment term.

Wider Product Range

By joining this program, micro merchants are able to purchase more inventory in terms of quantity as well as product range at Suppliers  collaborating with AwanTunai.

Benefits of AwanTempo for Micro-Merchants
P3U or Business Development Financing Program
Program Pembiayaan Pengembangan Usaha (P3U) or Business Development Financing Program is a financing activity intended to serve micro entrepreneurs to make them easier in developing their businesses.
With only up to 7% admin fee per month, micro entrepreneurs can utilize this program to renovate or even expanding their stall and other things as long as it is related to developing their businesses. 
Affordable Financing for Micro-Merchants

AwanTempo inventory financing can be as low as 2% cost per month

AwanTempo inventory financing can purchase up to Rp200m in inventory

AwanModal business development financing can be up to 6 months tenor

What They Say About AwanTunai

Another store owner informed me about AwanTunai. I was so excited to know that AwanTunai provides working capital loan for micro merchants like me. I applied for the loan and was approved within a day. The balance was also given as expected.  The process itself was easy and I have renewed more than 3 times. AwanTunai has really helped me in developing my store. Thankyou AwanTunai.

Karti, Small-Scaled Grocery Store Owner

I was so excited to know that AwanTunai provides working capital for a young entrepreneur like me, who is in need of financial support. I applied directly and the process was effortless and relatively fast. Once my loan was approved, I was able to use the money to grow my business. Because of AwanTunai, my business is growing and is now in a much better state. Thankyou AwanTunai.

Deza, Mechanic Reparation Store Owner

Media Exposure

"Good finance empowers the disenfranchised, provides the opportunity for hardworking people, be an indispensable convenience for a modern lifestyle. 
Bad finance steals people's livelihoods, places an unfair burden on their lives, and stops honest workers from climbing the socio-economic ladder. 

We in the fin-tech community have been given an opportunity to shape the next generation of financial services for Indonesia.

At AwanTunai we aspire to bring better financing to all Indonesians." 


Dino Setiawan, CEO of AwanTunai

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