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Supply Chain Payment & Financing Solutions  
for Indonesian SMEs

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AwanTunai is digitizing a closed loop payment system with distribution financing for the offline FMCG and staple food supply chain in Indonesia. Partnering with wholesalers, we serve unbanked micro SMEs (‘warung’ grocery stores) with inventory ordering, digital payments, and low cost inventory purchase financing.


We have nearly 100 suppliers within our network, located in Greater Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

AwanTunai Products for Micro Merchants
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Goods Digitally
No more confusion with hand written orders. Order inventory directly from our mobile app
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Digital Payment Acceptance
Stay safe. Pay using AwanPay credit. You don't even need to be at the supplier to pay
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Inventory Purchase Financing
Buy the inventory you always wanted your business to stock.
Pay later with AwanTempo
Benefits of Joining AwanTunai for Suppliers
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Increase Sales
AwanTunai provides your customer merchants with low cost inventory purchase financing. Experience sales growth as your customers consolidate their inventory purchases with you to take advantage of low cost working capital.
Receive Payments Digitally
Cash handling is costly for your business. We provide free EDC terminals for your wholesale outlets so you can accept AwanPay digital credit payments. We will transfer direct to your bank accounts.
Timely Order Fulfilment
Receive your purchase orders digitally direct to your POS system. No longer do you have to struggle to read hand written orders. With order fulfilment embedded into our hardware, you can focus on serving your merchant customers. 
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