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About AwanTunai

AwanTunai is a supply chain services app providing micro merchants in Indonesia with purchase order financing (reverse factoring), working capital, online ordering, and logistic solutions. Our flagship product is access to affordable financing that alleviates the chronic pain point of insufficient working capital among micro merchants. We combine our offering with digital ordering and logistical services to solve major pain points in Indonesia’s vast offline FMCG supply chain. We aim to serve the 5 million micro merchants across Indonesia, transacting over $100 billion annually.

We believe every micro merchant in Indonesia should have access to affordable and responsible financing services, hence improving their prosperity. Whether it's a shop owner who has difficulty obtaining working capital or a product distributor who wants to provide financing for their customers, AwanTunai provides the mobile app to help micro merchants access affordable financing at bank interest rates. We work with wholesalers to reach the millions of micro merchants across the archipelago that form the backbone of Indonesia's economy. 

Advantages of Using AwanTunai


Interest Rates

We understand that high-interest rates are one of your considerations for financing. With our technology  and working with banks, we reward good borrowers with the affordable interest rates to help your business grow.


and Easy

We know you are busy running your business so we provide a worry-free service for you. We assure ease of application with simple information requests. No need to worry about complicated processes, just prepare your national ID and active mobile number to apply for financing.

Safe and


We are supervised by OJK
(Financial Services Authority). AwanTunai discloses the actual cost of your installments, interest rate and repayment with no hidden charges. No gimmicks, no trickery.

AwanTunai's Products



AwanTunai provides purchase order financing for micro merchants to buy inventory as well as installment working capital loans to help businesses grow.

Cash Handling


AwanTunai provides a complimentary service for our supplier partners in order to provide a sense of safety and security.

Merchant Working Capital


AwanTunai provides financing to micro merchants and entrepreneurs in Indonesia, who need financial support to grow their businesses.


Online Ordering


Merchants can order their inventory via AwanTunai's partner suppliers for convenience.



As we enable merchants to purchase inventory in bulk we also provide delivery services.

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What They Say About AwanTunai

Another store owner informed me about AwanTunai. I was so excited to know that AwanTunai provides working capital loan for micro merchants like me. I applied for the loan and was approved within a day. The balance was also given as expected.  The process itself was easy and I have renewed more than 3 times. AwanTunai has really helped me in developing my store. Thankyou AwanTunai,

Karti, Small-Scaled Grocery Store Owner

I was so excited to know that AwanTunai provides working capital for a young entrepreneur like me, who is in need of financial support. I applied directly and the process was effortless and relatively fast. Once my loan was approved, I was able to use the money to grow my business. Because of AwanTunai, my business is growing and is now in a much better state. Thankyou AwanTunai. 

Deza, Mechanic Reparation Store Owner

"Good finance empowers the disenfranchised, provides the opportunity for hardworking people, be an indispensable convenience for a modern lifestyle. 
Bad finance steals people's livelihoods, places an unfair burden on their lives, and stops honest workers from climbing the socio-economic ladder. 

We in the fin-tech community have been given an opportunity to shape the next generation of financial services for Indonesia.

At AwanTunai we aspire to bring better financing to all Indonesians." 


Dino Setiawan, CEO of AwanTunai

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