5 Easy Steps to Access Financing

Download Mobile App

Get on the Google Store, small app size, just couple minutes to download.

Apply Online

Fill in the application form, just need National ID and a selfie photo.
Choose a loan to suit your needs. 

Receive Funds

Within 1 business day, we will inform you whether your application has been approved. We are supervised, monitored, and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Our process is safe and reliable.

Repay Loan On-Time

Pay according to the repayment schedule set. Payment can be made through transfer, mini-marts, post office or it can also be deducted from work salary. 

Earn Your Rewards​

All on time repayments will earn you rewards in the form of Awan points as well as increase how much you can borrow in future.

Pinjam Tunai dan Cicilan Barang Jadi Mudah dan Cepat

Gunakan aplikasi AwanTunai untuk transaksi berikut:

Pinjam tunai mulai dari

Rp. 300.000 (khusus pengguna XL dan atau pemilik CIMB Niaga)

Cicilan barang kebutuhan rumah tangga (khusus  produk Unilever & Indofood di toko terdekat, dengan tanda AwanTunai)

Cicilan obat

(di apotek terdekat, dengan tanda AwanTunai)

Cicilan barang elektronik

(di toko terdekat, dengan tanda AwanTunai)