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Meet Rama, who after having spent a considerable amount of time establishing Gojek, chose to take a break from his work. His days were filled with resting and recuperating after his hard work in the now-giant startup, only taking invitations as a speaker related to the development of the startup industry in Indonesia.

While in one of his speaking engagements, he visited Surabaya, where he met with an old friend. From the conversations they had regarding the state of MSMEs in Indonesia, Rama's friend decided that Rama should visit Bangilan to see what the MSMEs are like for himself. Bangilan is an area in Tuban, a small area in East Java about 2 hours drive from Surabaya. 

There, Rama chatted with local farmers. Beginning from the conversations he had, it turns out that they have a lot of financial problems, especially capital investments, which means they can't grow their businesses. So far they have had difficulty in in getting financial access from banks and so, they have no other option but to get a loan from local money lenders who charges very high interest rates.


Rama then decided to provide those farmers with a lower interest loan. Because of this, the response to their visit to Bangilan was met with a very positive sentiment since the farmer MSMEs felt like they are helped by the loan. From this experience, Rama found out that that there are many Indonesians who still need affordable access to financing.

He saw this as a good opportunity to help Indonesians in need of safe financial support. So, together with Dino and Windy, AwanTunai was established. With a grand vision to help financial inclusion by opening up affordable bank capitals to unbanked micro MSMEs by creating inclusive economic growth to improve people’s lives.


Chief People Officer


(Board Advisor)


(Chief Science Officer)

Data Scientist


CPO & Co-Founder

Windy is very competent in the field of product and business development and is inspired to advance Indonesia's digital economy through the application of financial technology in facilitating the financial community of Indonesia.

This graduate from the University of Indonesia has worked at PT Principia, McKinsey & Company, and Go-Jek Indonesia.


Evangelist and Co-Founder

Rama, together with Dino founded AwanTunai in June 2017 with the ambition to advance the welfare of the Indonesian people.

A graduate from Missouri State and Saint Louis University, Rama has worked at Oracle Corporation, Collabnet, He co-founded Nostra Solusi Technolgi, was a CTO for Kartuku, Was the CPO for Go-Jek Indonesia. He also co-founded Sayurbox and is an advisor for OY! Indonesia and Adskom


CEO & Co-Founder 

Armed with knowledge from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Dino believes that the presence of a fintech institution like AwanTunai can encourage financial independence for the people of Indonesia.

Previously, Dino worked at Macquarie Bank Limited, ANZ Banking Group, Citibank Australia, CLSA Asia-Pacific Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley, and Windy Hill Advisory. With this experience, Dino founded AwanTunai in June 2017



(VP of Engineering)

Founding Engineer

Chief People Officer




(VP of National Sales)

National SME Banking Sales Head

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